How many pews do we keep? Cast your vote!

St. Tim's with Pews moved to outside
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Below you will see some suggested layouts for how we could organize chairs and pews in St. Timothy. These options will help decide how many pews we should keep (in the main seating area of the church) going forward.

Please vote by emailing me directly or contacting me with your name and the number of pews you’d like to keep in the main seating area of the church. Voting will close at 11:59 pm, Saturday May 7, 2022. Everyone is eligible to vote. Thank you for your participation.

Option (see below for details)# of Pews# of ChairsTotal Seating
(Current configuration)240~115
Option A874114
Option B1442110
Option C876116
Option D682112
Option E1440108

Judith Atkinson’s representations of Option E (left); Option B (top); and possibility for open space with 14 pews moved to the sides (bottom)

Additional information about the chairs to be considered, below

Chair Option
(see sample pictures below)
Latest price per chair (including tax, freight, and exchange rate)
(based on ~100 chairs with 1/3 armchairs
and 2/3 side chairs and anticipated accessories)
Chair 1 (not as pictured):
ComforTek “Summit Series 7701-20″ HZ”
Chair 2: (can be customized)
Sauder Worship “PlyLok”
Chair 3: (can be customized)
New Holland Furniture “310/320”