Announcement: New Rector

Announcement: New Rector
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The Parish of St. Timothy announces the appointment of Rev. James Duckett as our new priest. James will be starting on December 1st.

James was raised in Powell River, BC with two younger sisters. Following graduation, he pursued studies at UBC, and he earned a BA in English Lit followed by a BEd in Secondary English and ESL. Shortly after graduation, he moved to Montreal, where his time teaching in a Christian private school led him to consider seminary. He took a break from teaching to return to school and after McGill’s Bachelor of Theology, he was granted a Master of Divinity from the Montreal School of Theology, a consortium of Anglican, Presbyterian, and United Churches. Returning to teaching, it wasn’t long before he left the evangelical church he had been attending for some years and began the process of discernment within the Anglican church. In the midst of discernment he also met (and married) his wife Sacha. Their daughter Eleanor was born shortly after James was ordained a deacon, and she processed in his arms with him when he was priested a year later. One year after that, Sacha got a job in Vancouver, bringing the whole family back to James’s home turf, where he served as interim priest-in-charge at St. Paul’s in Vancouver’s West End before accepting the call to St. Timothy’s.


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