Announcement: Interim FAQs – What’s Happening with the Interim Right Now?

Announcement: Interim FAQs – What's Happening with the Interim Right Now?
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One of the important tasks of interim ministry is to ensure that the on-going life of the parish doesn’t stop. Here at St Timothy’s, that has included that we not lose momentum and energy for projects you have already started, such as the kitchen renovation and the food-based ministries for which you built it. So, some of the work the clergy and leaders have been focused on this spring has been ensuring that the ongoing life of the parish and the kitchen renovation completion has been happening.

Another important task of interim ministry is getting a “pulse” of the parish and responding to what needs to be addressed before a canonical process can begin. In some parishes, that means addressing underlying issues such as unresolved conflicts or very messy administrative practices. Here at St Timothy’s, the “pulse” that became immediately clear was tiredness. For a number of reasons, many in the parish had that late winter/early spring exhaustion thing going on. And so, we decided to do our best to allow for rest through the Spring; to scale up food-based ministry slowly; to try not to add too many activities into our lives; and to make worship feel as renewing as possible.

We’ll continue in this pattern through the summer; although we’ll begin getting ready for a slightly busier Fall. One of the big tasks for this fall will be some parish conversations in preparation for the Canonical Committee to be called together to write the Parish Profile. We’re anticipating scheduling at least some of them after church on Sunday morning and enjoying using the kitchen to gather around a meal while we talk.


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