St. Timothy’s will soon offer two services a week: our main Sunday Communion service is at 10 am. We are starting a weekday Communion service on Wednesday March 8 at 9 am.



Holy Communion and Young People’s Programs
Sundays – 10:00 am

The service is a mix of hymns, prayer, Bible readings, teaching and worship, and follows a well-tried pattern which has its roots in the worship of the earliest Christians. We begin with an opening hymn, followed by a greeting and a children’s talk, after which the younger members go off to their own activities. The adults then listen to Bible readings and a sermon, after which we greet each other and wish each other peace. The younger members then rejoin us for the Communion, during which we eat bread and drink wine at our Lord’s table.

Suggest a hymn for a Sunday Service


St. Timothy’s offers rites of passage for the major transitions of life: baptisms, weddings and funerals. The documents below give an outline of what is involved. The Church also offers spiritual counselling at any stage on your journey. Please contact us for further details.